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love is the
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To avoid any misinterpretations, the UNCRISIS project has nothing to do with political sanctions or currency exchange rates. It’s more about the crisis in cultural values and artistic taste, which couldn’t avoid being reflected in modern photography. The author of the project define his mission and focus very clearly: classics should survive.

However, we all know that real art is immortal. There are always people that are not scared of any crisis, those who have their own opinion, confident about their potential and talents, and wouldn’t give up facing the challenge. They know, that each crisis also means great opportunities for their skills development and further improvement, new research and breakthrough. Seeing you here, we take it that you’re one of those people who love art, especially photography, on top of challenges.

A few words about the author of the project to start with. Anton Lesnoy is an artist and talented, professional photographer standing behind his camera for over twenty-five years, an active member of the Russian Designers Union. His portfolio is versatile and includes outstanding photos made for different magazines, catalogues and adverts. However, as any other talented artist, he arrived at the point where purely commercial projects became a limitation rather than a challenge. Driven by Anton’s passion to create unique sketches of the world around him, this book is aiming to deliver his perception of the reality.

Anton’s photos remind of those exquisite cocktails at Michelin restaurants — with their elegant blend of classic and new flavours. His style is a unique combination of equally important features: his love to black and white classics, exceptional taste, vast experience and unusual perception of ordinary things. All that delivers a deep and elegant image along with sometimes quite unexpected subjects and settings. ]

It’s also worth mentioning, that Anton’s works enchant any audience and make people come to see it again and again — they say there’s some strange magic about these pieces of art, which have no chance of staying unnoticed in any interior.

Welcome to «UNCRISIS» — the way this talented photographer and extraordinary person sees this world!